About us

A.P.E.Research (Applied Physics and Engineering Research) is an high tech company specialised in the production of advanced instrumentation in the field of NanoTechnologies: Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM) and high resolution nanopositioning systems. For these instruments our company is able to offer complete customization according to the sector in which these are to be used. This type of instrumentation addresses advanced users, such as Universities and research centres in several fields and disciplines: Material Science, Surface Science, Biology, Chemistry, Medicine.
The technological core business of A.P.E. Research is the development and production of SPM Microscopes like AFM, STM, SNOM. SPM microscopes are a class of instruments able to reconstruct the sub micrometric 3D morphology of sample surface, until distinguish the arrangement of the single molecules and atoms. These microscopes do not need vacuum ambient, they operate in air, or also in gaseous or liquid environments, and they do not require preliminary treatment of the samples; they are therefore also suitable for biological samples.
A.P.E. Research has its own laboratory, BioNanoLab, for measurements and research activity; moreover, the company is involved in several Italian, European and International research projects along with research institutes and Universities to develop new scanning probe microscopes and innovative techniques for probe microscopy.

Strada Statale 14 km 163.5, Basovizza presso Area Science Park 34149 Trieste TS Italy